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    Webmaster Advertising Needed

    I am looking to purchase contextual banner space on webmaster sites. Please email post your site that has available space.
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    I have advertising space available on

    I never have a CTR rate lower than 2%, this is the best quality traffic I have for any site.

    The site gets a little over 7500 uniques per month.

    The directory has close to 12,000 manually reviewed sites and a new webmaster forum is now opening.

    You can view more information here

    I currently have two spaces available for the partner links, right now I am doing a special offer, purchase the partner link space and you will also receive a free link in the footer of all pages.
    There will be a maximum of 5 sites advertised at once.

    There is also space for one homepage featured site.

    All spots cost $24.95

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