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    At a loose end... vBulletin Webmaster on offer for FREE.


    My name is Kris. I am an experienced vBulletin user and coder, and am looking for a website to add my forum to. I am very well-versed in the use of this forum software, having learned how to use it inside out.

    Well, judging by my email address, I already run a forum, but I am feeling a little under-worked there. It isn't my forum, it is a good friends' forum, and I am not particularly needed there until the last program that the members need is finished. Thus I am now looking for a new 'home', so to speak

    I DO own my own vBulletin licence. It is perfectly legitimate, and I can do anything needed to make sure a potential partner trusts in me. All I am after is a place to utilise this forum software, to be very honest. It is currently being used for an installation forum I run on a free Zeeblo domain, just to enhance my skills. That can be easily changed to meet the needs of a potential partner, and I do not require anything in return. This is a genuine offer; I just want somewhere that will be a challenge.

    If you own a hosting site and need a support forum, I can definitely help. I will learn the specifications of your server and do the best I can to aid in troubleshooting. If you own a website on its own or an inferior forum software type, then I will be able to help. If you are in any way interested, email me or talk to me on AOL Instant Messenger, which I would prefer. The sooner we can make a quick and easy transaction, the better it will be. Like I have stated, this is entirely voluntary. Once I decide on a site, I will not turn back and remove the software. I am a fully trustworthy and reliable person and I will do all I can to make sure that I am of maximum use. If you have any questions or see any flaws in my advert and wish to iron them out before we can talk, then contact me in this way:

    EMail - [email protected]

    AIM - Asi9ine

    I have MSN Messenger too, but I rarely use it. If you wish to talk in this way, then PM me for my address and to arrange a 'meeting'. I will only accept partners who:

    1) Are serious
    2) Will not feel guilty about having a top service presented to them for completely free, and
    3) Own sites which either desperately need a support forum or have immense potential.

    No matter your turnover, I am not interested. vBulletin is my hobby, and that is how it shall stay, a hobby. Free vBulletin Webmaster on offer. Apply within!

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    Still open to offers.

    I really appreciate the offers I have had already. One has gone very well, the other not so well. I have taken up one of the offers I had, but they don't need a vBulletin licence, so I am still available. Feel free to bombard me with requests.

    I assure you this is a genuine offer. Thank you for reading.

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    I've added you to my AIM buddylist and i'll be contacting you once you sign on.

    Hopefully we can work something out.

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    I think we are done here now. I have found a great set of guys who ave a promising video games site (and now forums). Can someone close this thread please?

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