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    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire [NO SPOILERS]

    I just went to see this film. It is one of the best films I have seen in a long time. It was thrilling, exciting and original throughout. Not to mention the effects - which were nothing short of breathtaking. The surround sound was also notable, at one point I found myself turning around just to make sure Dumbledore wasn't talking behind me!
    The storyline was different, unpredicatable and dark, with no action stoppages or slow downs. As always, the Potter magic remained and brought that classic *ting* to the film that will all know and love. (Well, almost all of us).
    I particularly liked the new characters which were introduced and (without giving too much away) they prove to be very entertaining.
    It has been mentioned to me that the films are becoming more intellectual and, I would have to agree with this - but it really does not take any of the magic away from the plot. If anything, it only compounds on the story.

    Go and watch this film!

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    nice review there, theres only so much you can say about the film without giving details away. but I too have seen it and I must say I prefer the films to the books but thats just casue im a lazy reader hehe

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    I felt the exact opposite. I felt it was slow and uninteresting, with odd gaps in story line and forced, awkward interaction between some of the characters.
    Very nice effects, however, even if they didn't have the story "flow" around them after the first "big" one (which I also won't give away).
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    I think it's the best of the 4 movies so far - I was actually feeling a little apprehensive at times, especially towards the end Trying to get hubby to go see it with me now.

    Being a big HP fan, though, it was hard not to compare it to the books. They left a lot of things out, like what Hermione realizes about Rita Skeeter (which comes back to help them in OOTP), and Sirius was hardly around at all in the movie.

    All I have to say is Filch at the banquet, when he runs up to tell Dumbledore that Moody is there, still makes me laugh
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    I think it's the worst of the four, though I still enjoyed it very much (I think they're all great).

    The reason I think it's the worst is because you used to be able to relate to the underdog, scare boy in the first couple movies, who was magically transformed into an unlikely hero. Now, he's getting picked on in Hogwarts a lot like he was in the real world. You don't feel like you can relate to that boy anymore. The magic just isn't that magical anymore.

    Amy and I went to see it this afternoon. Again, we enjoyed it, but it wasn't all that engaging like it used to be.

    Oh, and they are not being all that subtle about Harry Potter and his classmates growing up! They were downright risque at times!
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    I have to say the film was good. It was kind of boring in the middle but it was worth it at the end

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    It was over 2 and a half hours long, but it didn't seem like it.

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    Second best IMO, after the Prizoner of thingy.

    Hated the way it missed so much out from the book, but guess it had to to fit it all in

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    How about that ending? Is that great or what!

    James Randi and Penn & Teller arrive at Hogwarts and reveal the tricks used to make the students think they had magic powers. A disillusioned Harry drops out, but finds contentment in his aunt and uncle's closet.

    Oops! That was supposed to be a secret, wasn't it?

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    I enjoyed the movie more than all of the other ones, but they still aren't anywhere near the quality of the books. I think that is just because you can't put in a 700 page book into a two hour script!
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    Meh it was ok, I read the book a few yaers back and knew what was gona happen lol

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    Ill probably go see it sometime soon....Maybe this weekend.

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