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    provider opinions?

    i'm looking for a server with about the following specs

    -1x120gb+ HDD
    -1x60gb+ HDD
    -1gb ram
    -P4 2.8 or higher
    -preferably 2TB Bandwidth
    -at least 14+ Ips usable, plus less than .50 per IP if i need more
    -fully managed, and 24/7 support that is REALLY 24/7 support
    -whm/cpanel/fantastico comes included in price (plesk would be fine aswell...but i'd need the unlimited license)

    i currently have all the above (minus the REAL 24/7 support) for about $120/mo...i don't want to go much higher...

    can anyone recommend someone that can meet my needs? (offers welcome...just pm me)

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    With your budget, its kinda difficult to find a fully managed machine with your specs.

    I would think that you might need to increase your budget a little higher, say around $50 bucks more to get a decent provider with a fully managed solution.

    Support needs money, unfortunately.
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