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    * [Request] Gaming Designer Wanted

    Hi ,

    I have created a gaming leauge and Im in need of a low-budget designer. I have had not much luck finding people who will charge lower than 100 USD for this kind of design with sub pages and what not hopefully this post has luck in it.

    I'm interested in a design that looks like this

    I would love for a design similuar to this, I like how they have their header area and everything about the website just take 15 minuets of your life and browser every link on that website so you can understand it more if you dont. I would need a good number of subpages only if thats no extra charge. If you can not charge extra on the subpages and make this web design cheap I can promise you instant work once the design is created, you would be making clan webpages and corp web designs days after completeion of this since I will transfer your work and you to my MD and she wants a new designer.

    Im only able to spend a lowbudget on this web design so if you are unable to create this design below $100 then don't post. Again in bold letters - If you can't create this design with some subpages under $100 don't post please!

    Payment method would be via paypal ~ only.

    I hope I can bring some luck in unlike my previous threads. If you are interested in making this and able to make it under $100 then please post the following:

    First Name:
    Valid Email Address:
    Profoilio of your previous work:

    I want provide this following work for:

    Above here is how I want you to post if you are interested.

    Also I would not like this design to be made twice or something like it once you have created it, I want to keep my work uniqe and for me to be the only one to have it on the whole net.

    Please follow the directions above on how to post so I know you are interested. I dont want to see posts like this

    Im interested in this work, I can do it for $85 please email me at [email protected] - I dont want to see any posts like this please, I have asked you to list what I want above!

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    First Name: Jay
    Valid Email Address: contact (@) /no/spam
    Profoilio of your previous work:
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    First name: Stan
    email: swarren827[at]

    some of my work, I can do this work for you for your desired budget.

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    First Name: Mattc0m
    Valid Email Address: Mattc0m(at)
    Profoilio of your previous work: - constantly being updated. I can PM you some of the latest items if needed. I specialize in gaming related designs.

    Though I can create a design for under $100 that fits your need, it will have little in that ways of revisions and will not be coded.
    my portflio ~great design for less.
    AIM: Mattc0m | E-mail: mattc0m[at]

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