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    Hello WHT, I need some opinions

    Im was gathering ideas on servers and I have decided when the time comes I will build my own. I am looking for some opinions on the Asus CUR-DLS ServerSet III LE chipset mobo they have listed here

    Anybody have any experience with this motherboard? It looks like a great setup and I've been very happy with Asus in the past and present now with my CUSL2 board on my home computer. They all seem to very stable and an excellent value. Thoughts?
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    ASUS CUR-DLS is ideed a good m/n, except for the price

    I haven't used it but would like to give you different alternatives:

    TYAN TIGER 200 (S2505) - quite affordable server m/b
    TYAN Thunder LE (S2510) - expensive
    TYAN Tiger LE (S2515) - coming soon.
    Supermicro 370 DLE - another quite affordable server m/b
    Supermicro 370 DLR, DL3 - expensive



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    I have that motherboard in two of my servers running FreeBSD. In general, it seems to be well supported by the OS, and works well performance wise, but it's very picky about the RAM you put in it. I've had problems with the servers randomly rebooting or completely locking up, most of which seems to be caused by bad RAM. The RAM has been replaced and it seems to work much better now, but I still get a reboot/lockup every now and then.

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    ASUS CUR-DLS3 Spiff for WHT folks...

    I have 40 of the ASUS CUR-DLS3 here. They are all new and in the box. I will sell them to any WHT member for $500 flat. That's $115 below cost, direct from ASUS.
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