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    * Windows - Plesk issues

    To all Windows-Plesk experts out there, here are a couple of problems that I am facing with my Windows - Plesk system. I am a newbe in Plesk .

    1. I am having problems using the Password Protected Directories feature in Plesk.
    I use Plesk to create a directory, then use the Protected Directories menu in order to password protect it and assign a user to it. When I try to access that directory via IE, the username and password are not recognised and I get a "401 Unauthorized
    Access is denied due to invalid credentials" ERROR.

    2. When I create physical hosting for a domain hosted in Plesk, I enable "Web statistics" by choosing either Webalizer or AWstats. The problem is that this cannot be changed afterwards. If I choose AWstats when creating the domain and then I want to change that to Webalizer instead, it just doesn't apply the changes. The initially selected statistics script is shown, no matter what changes are applied afterwards. I am viewing the stats via /plesk-stat/webstat.

    3. How can I change the path that stats appear using a web browser? I would prefer something easier to remember than:
    i.e something like

    I would be glad if somebody could help,
    Thanks a lot.

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    Did you ever find the answer to problem number 1?

    Many Thanks

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