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    Seeking a host for downloading site

    Hi, folks, I need your advice.

    I am seeking a host has below features:
    1. host a sub-domain, e.g. (
    2. 10GB or up space, 300GB or up Bandwidth
    3. Fast speed, good up time
    4. cPanel(for site transfer, just in case)
    4. Free set up, Cheap price
    5. Plain space, doesn't need email/extra script/database

    I only upload some Chinese amateur bands' FREE music, each file is around 300MB, usually I change *.rmvb or *.mp3 extensions to *.rar, just in case some visitors play those music online directlly.

    Currentlly I am hosting few this kind sites with ******.com. Everything seems fine, large space but cheap price, uptime is ok, support is not so good, but I don't really need too much support, and I don't expect a good support with $7 hosting per month.

    Problems with ****** is they don't accept a subdomain as an account's primary domain. Also they don't offer cPanel. and they SUSPEND my account some times.

    I have to admit it's not Golbat's fault to suspend me. Sometimes, too many visitors download stuffs from my site, cause load too much server resource.

    I have many websites, I am hosting with GoDaddy as well. Godaddy never suspend me, if there is too many connections, the system shows an error message which in relations to the number of concurrent connections. This basically means that the number was exceeded.

    Does anyone know this kind program or script to control the number of concurrent connections?? I have been looking for this script for a while. Allows me to set an amount in the admin interface, then shows a customised message when exceed the connection limit.

    Any advice or infomation is warm welcomed, many thanks!

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    Umm... perhaps you would like to go to the hosting offers, or maybe seek advice on the Hosting Forum...

    here really people talk about things that don't have to do with hosting, i believe is the spot where we try to forget about servers for at least a few min....
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    or maybe seek advice on the Hosting Forum
    Agreed and moved
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    Hi, webpro and the_pm, I am terrible sorry, I'm new here and my English is not so good, hah. Sorry again and promise won't do again.

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    Honestly any script that would sit and count concurrent connections would probably use more resources than just letting the downloaders go crazy.

    I haven't seen any scripts like the one mentioned but I'd recommend checking out (you may get lucky and find something that uses zero resources and resolves the entire issue).

    And don't worry about the post being moved to another forum: That was solely so you would get more responses as the lounge is for non-related stuff in most cases - and only chat
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    Thanks David.

    Can anyone recommend a good host company can match my need?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kongyang
    Hi, webpro and the_pm, I am terrible sorry, I'm new here and my English is not so good, hah. Sorry again and promise won't do again.
    Don't think twice about it. You didn't do anything bad

    If you're seeing your account getting suspended because of server overload, it might be that you're expectations are too great for a shared hosting account, and you might want to consider VPS, simply because you share a server with less accounts and you get more server resources for your money. Try digging around the VPS forum for some ideas.

    As for having a subdomain as your top level domain, you can do this through .htaccess mod_rewrite. You don't need the host to do this for you
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