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    Centos Cpanel Queries

    Hello all.

    Okay here's the bumph....

    Dual 64bit Xeons 3gig
    4gig pc3200
    2x 15gig SATA srives running in RAID mirrors.

    Attempting to use - CentOS-4.2-x86_64-binDVD1

    Right. I know some of these queries are v simple and somewhat stupid, but i'd rather confrim evything now than how to suffer the consiquences later on.

    1. Can you adivse me of your recommended partition setup (+sizes)


    2. To which partition am i actualy installing the OS?
    3. Im also assuming i put the GRUB loader in the "/boot" partition.

    Cheers Guys

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    2x 15 GB SATA HDs? If you can spend the money for ram and cpu, might as well spend it on the HD

    Let's assume it is a typo =)

    2x 160 GB SATA Setup

    /boot 100 MB
    / 1 GB
    /usr 15 GB (conventional 8 for 80 GB drives)
    /var 15 GB (conventional 8 for 80 GB drives)
    /tmp 1 GB
    /swap 8 GB (2x your total memory)
    /home * (cpanel user files are stored him the home dir)

    OS files will be installed in the following partitions aggregated:
    /usr /var /etc /boot /

    3. Yes
    Synergy Blue LLC |
    USA should so something about:

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