Due to myself being to busy to work on these sites I decided to sell them.

I am selling all 3 websites as a package deal.

1. www.ratemyrack.biz
2. www.ratemymom.biz
3. www.ratemyass.biz

All 3 get good traffic and with the right type of advertising these could be very profitable. Due to my hosting TOS i cannot post adult site type links. Right now i have been teying to use google adsense but since the ads it displays it lacks in profitability.

I have switched hosts recently and only have stats from a month or 2

here are screenshots of the traffic + ss of adsense traffic.

rate my rack: stats 1 | stats2

rate my ***: stats

Rate my mom: stats

Adsense for Nov.: screenshot

It made 5.46 in adsese in nov

There is no backend for these sites, I have it set up to email when 1. a user signs up 2. a user uploads an image to which you have to use cpanel to approve the image. and 3. when a comment is posted an email is sent with the comment in the email as well as a link to approve the comment.

I am asking a BIN of 500.00 for all 3 sites.

the sites are unique. ratemyass is hosted through peoplehost and has 5 months remaining. the other 2 I host myself, but the TOS of my provider does not allow porn links.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at [email protected] for fastest response.

I will help get these up and running, and help with settin up your adsense (if you decide to use adsense.) and explain how to setup the banners.