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    BonafideIMG v3.0!

    Basically, i would like a review of my image upload site. It's been online for a while now, near a year, its very active so i like to keep it nice and updated.

    I don't like the general idea of image upload sites to be just a square box with the upload form in it, so i take pride in the layout and presentation of it.

    So.. any reviews would be great!

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    The look of this website is definatly alot better then some image-hosting sites.

    For those type of sites, remember to keep it as simple looking as possible.

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    Looked like a porno site not image uploading.

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    Servers don't pay for themselfs
    Thanks for the feedback people.

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    to be honest, it looks and feels cluttered. As if you didn't plan the layout at all, but rather created something you thought looked pretty and then added the content as best you could.

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    I don't see how it is cluttered, to me this is cluttered and looks like it was not planned:

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    Quote Originally Posted by dereklowe
    I don't see how it is cluttered, to me this is cluttered and looks like it was not planned:
    It's more advertisements then content, IMO.

    ... really anonying.
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    Personally like the site. Nice work., Superb Cpanel Web Hosting.
    Excellent, High Paying Affiliate Program.

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    Thanks for the feedback guys, is there any suggestions on how i could make the service better?

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    Hey guys

    I updated the design a bit more, made it more simple and less cluttered.
    Feedback on this one would be really great!

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