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    * Offbeat :: Wendy house on sale in the US for 40,000/$70,000. Even has a garage &....

    Article extract >> SOURCE : DAILY EXPRESS

    It's a Wendy house costing 40,000, and it's taking America by storm.

    It has its own electricity and plumbing, not to mention a home theatre system and a garage for parking a motorised toy car.

    The paper points out that "you could buy a terraced house in Middlesborough for less".

    But the good news is that profits from the sale of the toy houses are being used to help the homeless.

    End extract <<

    Full article, no link.

    Any further info on this state side?

    I just couldn't beleive it when i heard the radio presenter reeeling off all the features.

    Nice to see there is a good cause invovled but still. HA

    Opinions?? Comments??

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    Never heard of one till now. A quick google gave me this:

    Nice to hear their profits are going to charity, but it seems a little silly to me.
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    I can't see where to buy one though. Not that I'm interested .

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    Ah, but who would WANT to live in middlesborough

    I'll take my chances with the wendyhouse. High quality hosting, low low prices.
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