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The Times December 02, 2005

Can I see your licence, tax and insurance, sir?
By David Rose

IT WAS the first time Oliver Smith had been stopped by the police and he was driving without a licence, road tax or insurance. But he was, at least, well within the speed limit, near his home in Leyland, Lancashire.
Neither the two-year-old nor his grandparents realised he needed the documents for his Peg Perego toy car, a battery-powered buggy with a top speed of less than 3mph. The policeman told Sarah and Derek Smith that their grandson could be charged.

The Department of Transport said that any mechanically propelled vehicle had to be registered, insured and taxed. It was not clear if exemptions for mobility scooters applied to toys. Lancashire police said that a toy car that could travel at only 2-3mph did not come under vehicle legislation, but added that, for safety, it should not be used near roads.

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I just hope it makes it on "Police Stop 44" or whatever.

Can you imagine, the Bobby on the beat standing in the middle of the pavement with has hand out gesturing for him to pullover.

Helle hello hello, what have we got here then?

Opinions?? Comments??