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    Im considering selling Current offer is $75.

    Domain: and

    Site: lists different "hacks" to do in school, free proxie sites and server lists to use, and AIM Downloads. was a Proxy site for a short time, but due to high CPU load was taken offline.

    Traffic: recieves between 15-50 uniques per day. It is currently listed on the front page of Google Results for (School Hacks and Schoolhacks). It has a PR of 2. traffic is unkown, do not think it was that big, but something caused the cpu load high.

    Profit: I have not put ads on this site (other then our hosting one) and a small text link at the bottom of every page I sold for some small NP$ for a month.

    Design: I custom made the webdesign, and had it pro-coded by a coder. Also included a (i believe 120x60) ad.

    Current offer is at $75 dollars at Namepros. If i do not get a decent offer I will hold onto the site.


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    Current offer via Sitepoint: $80

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    Haha! I love the concept of this site, Congrats on the sale!
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