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Thread: New splash :)

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    New splash :)

    Could you take a look at my splash page at and let me know what you think?


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    It's cool - I like it, it's got that kind of retro (as in 20s or 30s) feel to it.

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    With the name of Highboard Media you think of water and or a pool. The design doesnt reflect that.

    The diver is in a pike position yet like she is standing. I think what would work is if you had a guy, kinda muscular standing with his arms at 90 degrees to his sides, like just as a diver would spring off the board. You could still give the image the same look and feel as what you have there. The building seems out of place as well with the overall idea of Highboard.

    On the site itself you have chosen to use very little space, yet you want to say a lot. This makes reading all of the content that is there hard becuase it is in such a small place. You yourself have had to combat this by using scroll bars in order to get in everything you want to say.
    Open the design up. Your name and logo could be potrayed in a very cool way I just think that you might not see it that way. I am not downing you, I get stuck too.

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    I kinda liked it.......very original and definitely does have a retro feel to it......
    only thing is, I had no idea what the site was about from the splash page.......

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    Thanks for the comments guys..

    Tranz, I am confused why you would think that having two divers, one in the splash and one on the site wouldn't be enough to tie in the "highboard" element? Alot of other sites are way less literal than I am about making a theme, so I think its a strange criticism. And why would buildings not be allowed because it is called highboard? I think you are being too literal about things...

    As for the diver's stance, I think it makes things a little more interesting and not quite as obvious as a traditional 90 degree stance. It may be incongrous, she obviously isn't on the kind of platform where she would be in a stance like that, but that's part of what I like about it

    The size of the site... there is really no way around some people not liking smaller sites, I think compared to alot of the design sites out there, I was able to give the text alot of space, especially horizontally.

    Believe me, in no way was I "stuck" when going about designing this site. There were alot of very unstuck moments to get it to where it is... I'm not quite satisfied with the splash, and I am probably going to take out the shoutbox and maybe tweak some things with it, but overall I think the design of the site itself is clear, efficient, and elegant...

    But then everyone should like their own site, shouldn't they?

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    As others have said, your art work is beautiful.

    But it doesn't leave me with any clue as to what you are presenting.

    From my research into search engine ranking, I've learned that splash pages are a whole bunch of hellabaloo for the spiders. There is no content for them to categorize your site. This tends to work against you if you are counting on people finding your site when searching for a media site - I think that is what you provide....

    Also, the mystery meat navigation in the main section of the site is just a pet peeve for me. I like to know, without having to mouseover, what and where and how to navigate a site. I had to look around a bit to find where the scoll bar was and how to move about the site. But I build from a keep it simple point of view. I love rich emmersive graphics, but I don't want to overwhelm my end viewers.

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    Yes, the artwork is nice but misleading,

    I really like the scroll bar and buttons on the second might want to invest in a better host, im on cable and the loadtimes are not too hot...perhaps you should optimize your images a little more, just my $0.02

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    Its definately unique!

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