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    Anyone good with Flash?

    What i'd really, really like is something like:

    A box, 225 x 75 pixels.

    I want to call up dynamic data from a txt file, and have it scroll vertically.

    I've managed to learn the basics now, and get it to scroll from bottom to top.

    But i was hoping someone might point me in the direction of how i might be able to make some of the text linkable, so a line in the scrolling text might be linkable to open in a new window?

    Or, even better, if the text file content could be html formatted for display by flash?

    Tell me if i'm dreaming, or if it's possible, or any help! I'd be very greatful

    Thank you

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    Flash can read html formatted text to an extent. Just click on the <> button in the text box properties. It can also handle CSS.

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