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    cost-effective keyword bidding campaign

    I am looking for a company who offer cost-effective keyword bidding campaign?

    any suggestions guys

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    ? Not sure what you mean. Whether a bidding campaign is cost-effective depends on your own good judgement, I guess.
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    Hope that helps.

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    Thanks spikez202... that is exactly what I was looking for.. But I know them already.... But there are must be more right .. so who are they and where can I find some expert knowledge about maintain/choosing keywords for bidding campaign. I mean almost everything about keywords campaign. Any RL please.......

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    Well I know that google and yahoo both offer services to optimize your advertisements. I used that with google and it proved to be a pretty effective change. I'm not really familiar with anymore companies though.

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    Take a look at Pay Per Click Universe they have a Top 10 of Pay Per Click engines. Search about Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Optimization. Read books and buy the right Search Engine Optimization eBook. There are also experts that can offer services to manage your Pay Per Click campains but the costs are normaly important, so if you do not have a high monthly budget I suggest you search and read about the subject there are plenty of resources on the web about it.

    Here are 8 steps to setup good PPC campains probably coming from the Adwords Blog I do not remember exactly, maybe I modified it a bit too :

    1) Group Your Ads by Theme and Audience
    2) Create a group for typos and domain names.
    3) Match Keywords to Ads for Each Ad Groups
    4) Stay on Message - Write sharp, compelling ad text that reflects your keyword list.
    5) Know The Customer - Different advertisers have different audiences.
    6) Use negative keywords or site exclusion to ensure that your ads reach the users you want.
    7) Embrace the Data - Track your performance
    8) Test. Test. Test Again - Improve performance by testing and making changes.
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    21,913 lists the major pay per click search engines and characterises them shortly.

    These guys (the payperclick market "analysts") have an easy job. There are only so many providers that are worth mentioning. apparently aims to list them all though.

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