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    Alternative to a VPS

    I used to use JVDs but It's been 24 hours and I refuse to wait any longer on a company to get stuff setup.

    PowerVPS is offline.

    So basically I'm looking for an alternative to a VPS, but I need a lot of things I can get with managing my own server.

    I need at least 500mb of space. Min of 100gb of bandwidth. Don't want to really go over $50/month.

    - Preferably CPanel
    - SSH
    - Crontab
    - mod_rewrite
    - Multiple domains (at least 2)
    - subdomains, etc.

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    I think your best bet if you don't want to use a VPS is to go with a good resellers package.

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    You can try getting a semi-dedicated, but you will not get root access.

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    Alternative to VPS will result in:
    No Root or worse no Shell access ( if u do not buy a dedicated that is )

    Well thats basically the most important outcome . (-ve one)

    Well as suggested go for resellers.

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    You may want to check VPS offers.

    The provide some pretty good offers but cPanel is out of the question for now.



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