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    STAY AWAY from


    So I get contacted by regarding a gaming design im looking for...even though I didnt ask them to contact me in the first place, I requested someone else in a thread to contact me but they still PMd me, and added me to AIM/MSN.

    So I am looking through the persons portfolio and they show me this site they say they did:

    I have been looking at some templates for gaming website for quite a few days now and instantly noticed that was template #3341 from template monster.

    So I bring this up to the person and they say they work at templatemonster, I then ask them what there name is with template monster to check and be sure but then they it is there friends that works there.

    I would stay away from these guys, looks like they are editing templates and selling them off as there own.

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    Funny how when you go to, it says a different domain in the flash.

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    Also, they are using a downloaded template.

    I remember seeing it somewhere, perhaps on, but it was ages ago. I was actually considering buying that template for myself, but then decided to stay away from commonly known templates.
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