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    system time on FC4

    Anyone has an idea about whats going on with the system time at FC4??

    40min ago:
    [root@* ~]# date
    Thu Dec 1 07:42:41 CET 2005
    [root@* ~]# clock
    Wed 30 Nov 2005 08:41:21 PM CET -0.320215 seconds

    [root@* ~]# date
    Thu Dec 1 09:01:01 CET 2005
    [root@* ~]# clock
    Wed 30 Nov 2005 09:20:20 PM CET -1.591582 seconds

    the hardware-clocks runs correctly.

    while on the hardwareclock correctly 40 mins passed on the system clock 80 mins passed.
    so the system time runs double as fast as the real time ????

    I noted there is already a bug-report with fc4 with an other system time issue
    this issue i also have!! after a reboot the time gets missset by 1 hour.

    but this what i have is a desaster
    due of the fast running system clock meanwhile already the date is out of order as you see date already arrived at first december, while we still have november.

    anyone knows how to fix this?
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    you can run ntpd for correct this issue, but this is not good solution of course.
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