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    Avoid at all costs!


    This is just my experience, but try and avoid for your domain registrations. I will not bore you with all that happened to me as soon as I registered two domains with them. Suffice to say that now I am locked out of my account (without me doing anything) until I send them a *notarized* letter with a copy of a government issued ID. Like I am at their service! Of course, I gathered this information by calling them. Of course they never replied to my emails.

    It is simply not worth it. Do yourself a favour and choose a honest regisrar.

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    I have 2 domain names with them and ive had no problems at all

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    Again, just my experience

    Just my experience, folks. If you tried them and are happy, good for you. I a had pretty bad experience, that is all (and since I have .org domains, I have to struggle to get the auth codes to transfer as well).

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    This is very common. Registrars pay 6+ costs which is about 7.00 per domain name. They have paper thin margins which means they cannot afford chargebacks or losses. I do not blame them for wanting to verify the information.
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