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    Host/Server Requirements for Healthcare Co.

    I'm going to be taking over the IT responsibilities for a small company in the healthcare business. The current system is running on a dedicated Dual-Xeon machine, MySQL / Php. Database only about 100 Mb presently. Not many users, but lots of complex on-line queries. Security is a primary area of concern (HIPAA and all that).

    My first priority is to migrate everything to a new host (reason unimportant.)

    Any hosts that you can recommend that have experience in this area (maintaining servers for healthcare firms)? I want someone that I can work with to address specific issues such as server requirements, security, maintaining backups, recovery procedures, analyzing utilization and ease of migration to more powerful server as business warrants, etc. (Yeah, most of this is my responsibility but I'd ideally like a company that has a "data center" frame of mind and not someone that just puts up a server and says "here it is.")

    Thank ye!

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    Rackspace managed hosting may be a choice.
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    honestly, I would colocate.
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    Colocating is the worst decision you can make if you want it fully managed...

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    Depending at where you are from, I would try to find someone close by so you can work with them hand in hand. I have had experience in the healthcare world working in the IT department of one of the University of Iowa hospitals, and, as you know, security is the most important thing.

    If there is nothing like that around where you live, I would also recommend Rackspace (I assume your budget is of no issue here). You can also take a look at GNAX. - High Bandwidth Specialists - 100TB/1Gbps/10Gbps Unmetered/CDN/DDOS Protected
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