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    Looking for a pre-designed Affiliate website .

    Over time my aim is to have numerous sites going making me an income .
    As the one I was going to make up using Frontpage is going to take some time to learn / make up ( I need income now ) I am going to begin an Affiliate business with one of the pre designed sites like Site build it but not as expensive ( it just isn’t in my budget ) .
    Below are some of the things I am looking for in pre-designed website company .
    (1) – A company that is reliable & honest .
    (2) – A website that I can edit myself 24 / 7
    (3) – A company that will help me promote my site . ( I could promote it also – if I wished .
    Can you please tell me of any Affiliate pre-designed website companys that can be purchased for less than $ 200 per year or less than $ 20 per month .
    Thank you

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    SCOBAHCAN, are you asking for people who offer this service to promote themselves to you, or are you looking for recommendations from people who have used such services are can give a customer perspective to you?

    If the former, then be advised this thread should be in the Other Offers and Requests forum, which you cannot use until you've amassed enough posts.

    Otherwise, members, feel free to make your recommendations here!

    (thread moved to Web Design and Content for the time being)
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    I used to have to host my affiliate website. - Million Dollar Site For Online Entrepreneurs - Buy Your Link and Advertise Today

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