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Thread: PR domain?

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    PR domain?

    I have recently been reading about advertising and see that domains have a PR scale. I cant seem to find out how they are rated. Does anyone have a link to a site that explains how this scale is used? Sorry if this is a dumb question.


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    Where are you seeing this? do you mean PR = Page Rank?

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    Assuming that you do mean PageRank, first off, "domains" don't have PageRank -- web pages do.

    PageRank is one of the measures that Google uses in ranking, and it's the one that gets the most attention because a value for it is shown publicly. Visible PageRank is reported as a number between zero and 10; the higher the number the better. The easiest way to see it, if you use IE or Firefox, is to install Google's toolbar. There are also sites like which query Google's servers and display the reported PageRank value for a given page.

    PageRank is simply a measure of the strength of links pointing to a page (and the visible PageRank score, by the way, is an abstraction of the score that actually is used in ranking pages). Since a site's home page generally has more incoming links that its internal pages, the home page usually will have the highest visible PageRank among the pages.

    While PageRank's real importance in ranking is limited, it's commonly used in marketing by sites that sell links -- which I assume is the context in which you've run across it.
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