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    Talking Online arcade. 1.5k daily visitors. Nice revenue!

    It is an online flash arcade. Runs on a script provided by

    Flash games have been collected around the net.

    Solid PR and nice domain. Traffic comes from many good backlinks and link trades. It is very well ranked at Yahoo and MSN for addicting games. Also well ranked at MSN for "flash Games" Google still has it in the sandbox.

    Brief history of the site:
    I opened this site as an affiliate from Zango. It only had a few pages and wasn't really a site I cared about. Opened in mid March.

    I then decided to give it a complete layout change at the end of September. I used the gamesite script and paid big bucks to customize it. Has mod-rewrite and I added the feature to put a myspace code on each game.

    Site wasn't earning much until I did the layout change. It used a combination of Interclick+Adsense with the following earnings:

    March $25.91 (just Adsense)
    April $20.35
    May 41+28.39 (Adsense + Interclick)
    June 40.46+58.89
    July 30.73+25.40
    Aug 42.75+42.01
    Sep 47.84+44.16
    Oct 109.24+94.42 (New layout kicks in)
    Nov 01-28 $110.22+114.29

    I have also added the Zango gateway on the site since 5 days ago. If a user want to play a game they need to install Zango. Zango is NOT spyware, it is simple adware app that shows a couple of popups per day. I have installed and uninstalled is many times on my own computer.
    The average Zango revenue for these 5 days has been $15 per day.

    Traffic has done nothing but grow, with an average of about 1,500 daily visitors this month

    Traffic is growing, Earnings are growing, the site hasn't even reached its peak yet, so it is a great opportunity. I sure won't be selling for peanuts. Looking for high $x,xxx low $xx,xxx

    Payment via paypal funds if you are well known, escrow if not, you pay any fees. Payment must be sent in the next 24 hours after offer is accepted.

    I will guide you through the networks I use and contact you with my account managers so transfer goes smoothly.

    I'll be happy to provide screenshots to any seriously interested people.


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    I think you should set a starting price and a BIN so people will know if they are interested or not. You can always have in mind your own reserve price so if the auction goes close to your expectation you can decide wether to sell or not.
    I would appreciate a starting price! Thanks!

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    Looking for high $x,xxx low $xx,xxx
    Didn't he offer a starting range here? I took that to mean +-$7500 on up.
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    yes, he did specify that.. but its kind of weird..
    i'd like to buy this site but i wont pay $7,500 for it..
    If he had a starting price I could make my bid and he would contact me later if he will feel like selling for taht price. I hope you understand what I mean..

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    Sure I do. Why not bid privately for what you'd be willing to pay, and if he doesn't see offers in the range he likes, maybe he will sell to you for less.
    Can't hurt to try, eh?
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    Bear is right. I wouldn't sell for less than $7,500. I don't see it as a high price since I am now earning an average of $23 per day and has great engine rankings. "Flash games" is also well ranked at MSN., page 2 right now and climbing up.

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    Yes, you're right! Thanks for the advice.. I usually dont bid privately because its unfair.. others cant see your bids. I lost some auctions due to these PM bids. But I'll use it from now on since it became so popular.

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