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    PHP Help...

    Ok, I've used the file_get_contents function to retrieve the contents of a page. Now, I need the php that will display multiple items from those contents... for example:
    <tr><td class="cell_2"><span class="title">Rank</title></td>
        <td class="cell_2"><span class="title_big">
    I need a php code that searches for "Rank", and then echoes "Noob", or the next 4 characters, or something that will echo whatever the rank would happen to be.

    Hope I'm making myself clear there... thanks.

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    You need to use regular expressions in your PHP code. Please refer to PHP manual at

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    PHP Code:
    $username $_SESSION["user"];
    $var mysql_query("SELECT `rank` FROM `db_table` WHERE `username` = '$username'");

    while (
    $var mysql_fetch_assoc($rank)) {

    I believe should work? Of course you have to have $username which would be a session varaible which you would have to setup but you get the gist of it.

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