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    Just got my server LT

    I just got my ip/login info for my server this morning. I was told i was getting a 2nd backup drive and i couldn't find it. I've email LT support in which they email me back for the server info (i'm new, sorry forgot to include that) and i responded right away and haven't heard from them since.

    That was 12:04pm EST, i sent another email just incase who knows what happened and haven't heard anything. My servers uptime hasn't been altered so i'm guessing it hasn't been touched. Its not urgent that this happen tonight or tomorrow but i don't like whats going on or should i get used to this?

    Also i made the mistake of not getting a 100Mbit uplink and got a 10Mbit, if for some reason i just can't find the 2nd drive and they don't have to shut the box down and open it up can i upgrade to 100Mbit switch or must i get a new nic?

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    You should be able to upgrade without a new nic. Always include your server info in support emails; had you done this originally your issue would have been settled at 12:04PM. There was just another thread with the exact same support issue.

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    Yeah, LT is a budget provider so don't expect blazing speed on the tickets, however you might go and post at their support forum.

    Good luck,

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    usually the 100mbit upgrade if you ordered it can take a day to get updated, read your welcome email all the way through to see about the details. The best bet for support is to go through their helpdesk, they do not monitor the forums actively

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    Check your /var/log/messages to find the 2nd HD device location. Then you need to mount it yourself.

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    Login to WHM as root if you got Cpanel and click on "Format/Mount a new Hard Drive" to mound second harddisk.

    To verify if you got second hardisk, login to SSH and try "fdisk -l"

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