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    I'm wondering how is the hosting company powweb? i had bad experience with my old hosting company because of speed. does anybody experience speed problems with them?

    i was going to sign up for hostgator, but they can only have 25 connections at once.

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    How many connections are you planning to have? I think any more than that should not be on a shared plan.

    Do a search and you will find many reviews on powweb

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    well i wanted to host a forum. at least then 40-50 ppl online at once. what would be the most possible connections?

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    powweb not stable at all.

    always negative review for them.. you can search related threads in this forum..

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    im reading many reviews for differect hosts but on their site they dont say how many max connections. i have to call each one. so far none offered 40 or more.

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    I wouldn't go with PowWeb, but that might just be me: They've gotten quite alot of bad reviews, last I checked their prices, they're obviously overselling and they've been associated with ad-wares and the likes, making them a big no no

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    They have throttles (max_questions) on the mySQL databases there. Depending on the type of script it could max out. Some forum software seems to work ok though. You can check their moderated forums ( for any info on restrictions.
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    I can only agree that you might look up some reviews on powweb.

    If you insist on having a site with many concurrent users, you might think about getting a VPS or dedicated server.
    Good Luck!
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