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    * Need vB Hacks installed!

    I'm going to start a vBulletin community.

    I need some hacks found, and installed. I've been told what I want exists, so its just a matter of finding it, and installing it.

    I want a point system, that people can get points for posting.
    Regular members get 1 point per post, Premium Members get 2 per post.

    To become a premium member, you have to pay either a monthly/yearly price via paypal.

    I want there to be certain sections of the forums, that people have to pay to post in. Got this idea from the SitePoint forums, where they make you pay $4.95 to list a domain for sale. It would be done via paypal, and use the PayPal IPN.
    Premium members would have 1/2 price for this.

    That's all I can think of for now.

    Can anyone do this?


  2. #2 mate.uCash can do the job for you...and it is a piece of cake to install hacks with 3.5 ;x.

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    I don't know enough of vBulletin to even browse the forum, hehe.....

    I want to pay someone to do this.
    Anyone can help me?

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    Hey Luke,

    I have free time. If you need assistance I can certainly help you out.

    Feel free to drop me a line...

    AIM: StevenHughClarke
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    Can you email me your pricing please?

    Also, can you do what I need done - that's the important question.


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    i can do what needs done, and for next to nothing

    the uCash is nothing to install
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