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    Sudden CGI scripts failure

    We have a large volume site which generates lots of pages dynamically. It uses Perl LWP module for crawling internal contents.

    From today, it returns 500 server error saying this:
    500 Can't connect to the hostname '')

    What do you think has gone wrong ?

    The scripts work fine when asked to crawl other external domains. Looks like some internal DNS error. But can a server not find its own domain name from its DNS server ?

    I would be grateful for any lead.


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    If you try doing the command "host" from the command line does it work? It could be something strange with the local DNS

    Russ Foster - Industry Curmudgeon

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    I don't have shell access to the server. I will write a CGI script to test for this ?

    I am almost certain that the server doesn't resolve the domain name. How do I resolve this ?

    My domain registrar details show that the normal DNS servers are ok. They appear to be up. Someone might have changed the entries there ?
    May be the sysadmin of the servers ?

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    Ok. Here is what the command returns: connection timed out; no servers could be reached

    What do I do ?

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    has your domain expired?
    Jim Lundeen
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    No. I always book for 5 years. My host has finally sorted this problem in about 48 hours. The trouble is I expected this DNS issue to have a quick fire solution.

    Thanks for all replies.

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