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    Longtime lurker, 1st time poster

    Wondering if anyone has info on My web and C Panel has been fown for 4 weeks now, but FTP works fine.
    I have tried all the usual emails, help tickets etc.
    Is anyone else using them and have problems?


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    We are willing to help you out so you can use your site at no cost, when there is an outage always disappear until the matter is resolved and act as if noting happened.

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    Thank you for your most generous offer.
    I have found the problem which is my nameservers are showing as not regesitered on a dms report.
    As i am recieving no responses from my host, is there a way i can find the correct/new nameservers and IP's ??



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    You will need to contact Pearly and wait for a reply

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    Jun 2004
    I used to use awhile ago

    I had loads of problems accessing thier control panels and all my sites was down for a few days at a time

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