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    better design for hosting you have saw?


    i want to redesign my website for my hosting service

    i wonder which style i like better and i think many much

    so i hope you can give some links about hosting service

    that you like their design and style...etc

    thank you


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    Try finding a free web hosting template they have some good designs on their some times, search google for free hosting templates or free templates you should find tons to keep you busy if you have the money hire someone to do the work for, give them examples of images you like and ect post in the Other / Request area for templates

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    you can seach on template moster for hosting site templates and buy from here also

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    Frimon86, templates is an option of course and Template Monster is an option for web templates Thank you for mentioning us, hostingoption.

    RJohn, before you will start with it I would recommend answering some questions... like what are the goals of your site? Who is your targeted audience? Etc.

    For more details you may check Client Discovery Session with ReInvention forum.

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    A lot of template designs are looking very similar now, have you tried looking at the bigger hsoting companies sites and then using the better elements from them to create your own design. That way you get a good looking original design that you can be proud of.

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    Some good designers which are/have been active in this board:

    Weevox Studios Username: Weevox Username: Marengo

    Golosun Username: Serge

    Of course, that doesn't mean there aren't other talented designers here, it's just what I can remember now.

    Go to Templates/Graphics Offers and Requests and ask for offers.
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    Thank you for mentioning us.
    Creative Web Standards Designs (XHTML/CSS)
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