I've had a website up at my-home-based-business-advisor.com for a couple of years, but have had to take it down due to lack of time to manage it.

As you can tell by the name, it was offering advice to people interested in starting a home-based business.

It's listed in the major search engines and was getting some traffic.

So, I'm selling the domain (my-home-based-business-advisor.com), along with all of the web pages, so you can set it up on the host of your choice.

I also have the non-dashed version (myhomebasedbusinessadvisor.com), which I'm willing to sell with it, or separately.

They're both registered with GoDaddy, so there's no transfer charge as long as you have a GoDaddy account (free).

The non-dashed version comes up for renewal December 24, 2005 and the dashed version is good until October 23, 2006.

I had the dashed version appraised by AllForDomains.com in March of this year and they valued it at $6,250 when the website was running. That price will obviously be less now that the site is down. Check out the appraisal here.

I'll entertain all offers as I want to transfer them ASAP.