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    Looking for software to help make ssh/rdesktop easier

    Basically I have a lot of servers to manage, some windows, some linux. Instead of having to remember all the passwords/ips/hostnames etc. to each server I would like to have an application to make things easier. What I am looking for is an app that will allow me to add servers to a list and basically just click on it to connect, it would then automatically enter the username/password and login to the server.

    I used to use a program called SSH buddy for linux which had similar functionality. Is there anything out there for windows? It would have to support rdesktop and SSH

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    try core ftp allow you to do so

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    try SecureCRT. It's what I've been using for a good number of years when I use Windows. The setup is sweet, the connections are good (atapi, ssh1, rlogin, ssh2, etc). It's not free, but the development of it is great and the software is just amazing.
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