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Thread: Die Toten Hosen

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    Die Toten Hosen

    Many years ago, I bought a documentary VHS about the 1998 warped tour. On that DVD, they had a segment about a german band called "Die Toten Hosen", who has this massive following in europe, and have been selling out these huge venues all over europe.

    Then a couple nights ago, i was reminded of thm after i saw a new album from a band called "Die Roten Rosen" . That sparked my curiousity, so i started downloading die toten hosen albums, one after another, until i had almost every album created by the band.

    The band is truely great. They have some english music, and they've even covered the classic song "I am the Walrus" by The Beatles.

    Have any of you listened to die toten hosen, or even seen them live? I'd love to see them live.

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    Yup, I have one song of theirs....more & more I think it's called. It's great.

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