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    Lightbulb Reseller Billing/Bandwidth Management Software

    I have been hosting for a while and now i am to the point where i am getting more and more clients. I am way tired of manual billing and using lame bandwidth monitors.

    Does anyone know of any type of software that will help me monitor bandwidth usage? I am using:

    Windows 2003 Ent
    IIS 6.0
    .NET/Cold Fusion MX/Flash Com Server

    Is there some sort of app that runs in conjunction with the IIS logs or whatever to give me a report of who has either gone over their limit or overage charges and so on.

    Is it better to get a hardware device to do this that reads the header information on port 80 requests?

    Any help is appreciated.


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    well use hsphere from

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    Look at the Helm Control Panel ( as Helm has built in Billing System and Diskspace/Bandwidth management. You can set up Notifications to clients for over usage and have them purcahse Extras for additional space/transfer.

    If the built-in billing system isn't enough for what you want then you can also use ModernBill and AWBS with it.

    The pricing is all changing on the 1st December so it's worth buying a license by tomorrow at the old rate for a Control Server, if you decide to go with it. At present the RRP for an unlimited Control is $499, on 1st Dec it will be $899 (but remote licenses will be $299 rather than $499 for multi-server hosts).

    Also, if you do buy then look at or as you will get prices that are 30% off the RRP.
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