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    Image Load - For Sale

    Hi all, I have my free image hosting site for sale here are the details

    Site Name
    Image Load

    Domain names

    Age of site
    10 months old

    Web Stats

    Images uploaded : 674
    Bandwidth Usage : 1Gb a month

    Unknown as I have a banner going to my own business site

    Target audience
    I have found ebay users like to use this site a lot.

    Allowed content
    I dont allow any pronographic material at all.

    Upload limitations
    Uploads are limited to 700Kb and 100Mb bandwidth a month

    The script has been custom made by me, so no other sites use the same script. I wont sell it on to anyone if it sells, and the user will have resell rights to the script if they want to sell it on.

    The script gives nice urls like

    so they can easily add them into forum boards etc that don't allow dynamic Url's

    The admin area has all you need to run it

    Main page where you can see stats and also A reset bandwidth button

    Screen Shot Here

    Then we have the new images area, this allows you to open the new image up to see it then allow it by clicking on the check button or clicking on the delete

    button to remove it.

    Screen Shot Here

    Next is the image database page, this lists all of the images in order of bandwidth used. So you can keep an eye on the bandwidth each image uses etc.

    Screen Shot Here

    Next is the news section. You can add news articles that will appear at the front of the site

    Screen Shot Here

    Reason for selling
    Me and my girlfriend have been together for 5 years this christmas and I would like to buy her somethhing special to mark the occasion

    Payment will be by Paypal

    Starting Price
    I would like at minimum to get $100 USD for the website, so I will start bidding at $100 and it can go up by minimum of $1 USD

    I will end bidding on Wednesday at 12:00 GMT

    Any questions please ask here or PM me

    Many Thanks

    APC Web Hosting and Design Services

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    nice script.. $101

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    thanks for your bid


    APC Web Hosting and Design Services

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    I've had a bid via PM for $110


    APC Web Hosting and Design Services

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    Bidding Ended, User via PM won.


    APC Web Hosting and Design Services

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    OMG.. I was out of town for 2 days.
    I cheched my email on my mobile but WHT didnt sent any notifications.
    I wanted the script..

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    also, bids via PM are unfair
    I'll use this technique from no on

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    How are they unfair? As soon as i received the bid via PM i posted on the board

    Apologies you missed but I must stick with the winner

    APC Web Hosting and Design Services

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