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    Exclamation Save UPTO 50% On ModernBill Licenses, Configuration & Conversions!

    ModernBill is a great alternative to incomplete solutions such as LPanel, ClientExec, and WHM AutoPilot. MBLicenses.COM is ModernBill's #1 reseller. We offer discount ModernBill Licenses, Configuration, Conversions, Kayako licenses, and even a ModernBill hosted solution.

    Current Promotion

    During this promotional period, MBLicenses.COM is offering some outstanding promotions!
    • 50% off all WHMAP -> MB conversions
    • 35% off all configuration services
    • free setup on all leased licenses purchased
    • 15% off all leased hosted solutions

    Please note that these promotions are available at WHT, and our website MBLicenses.COM. Offers are available to new customers only. Services may not be resold, unless written consent has been issued. If you have any questions regarding the above promotions, please contact our sales team.

    ModernBill Conversions

    With newly developed software, MBLicenses.COM is able to offer you same day conversions from WHM AutoPilot (WHMAP). Our script will will convert all clients, invoices and their current package / renew dates. We charge $0.25 per client converted ($20 minimum). For more information, click here. To order your conversion from any billing solution to ModernBill, click here.

    ModernBill Pricing

    Leased Licenses

    50 Client License:

    $12.85 per month - includes FREE installation

    [ Order This License Now! ]

    Unlimited Client License:

    $20.95 per month - includes FREE installation

    [ Order This License Now! ]

    Already have a license? No problem! We are more then willing to transfer an existing ModernBill license for you to receive these low rates. If you have a paid leased license already installed, we will waive the installation fee, and offer leased licenses for $12.85 for the 50 client license, and $20.95 per month for the unlimited client license.

    INFO: Leased Licenses include free support and software updates directly through ModernBill until cancellation. Installation fees only apply to the reduced price ModernBill licenses purchased from MBLicenses.COM. Should you have any questions regarding our pricing, please email [email protected].

    Owned Licenses

    250 Clients - $179.95 - Order Now
    500 Clients - $279.95 - Order Now
    1000 Clients - $379.95 - Order Now
    Unlimited Clients - $499.95 - Order Now

    INFO: Owned Licenses include free support and software updates through ModernBill for the first 6 months of your purchase. All OWNED licenses from MBLicenses.COM include FREE installation.

    Configuration Services

    We offer configuration of both ModernBill and Kayako products. The configuration services that we offer will allow you to have your ModernBill fully functioning with all of the features in place. Some of our services include:

    Cron Wizard Setup
    Website Integration
    Payment Gateway Setup
    AND MORE!!!

    For more information on our configuration services, Click Here

    To order any of our configuration services, Click Here to save 35% instantly!

    Hosted Solution

    We feel that safeguarding confidential information should be as equally important to you, as it is to us. This is why we have introduced a new ModernBill Hosted Solution. Knowing that your ModernBill is hosted at MBLicenses.COM , you can be assured that your data will not be accessed by unauthorized users. We offer two hosted plans:

    - $9.95 upgrades to latest stable release
    - FTP access
    - FREE Security maintenance
    - Works with ModernBill Unlimited licenses
    - Only $11.01 / Month

    [ Sign Up Now ]

    - Unlimited upgrades to latest stable release
    - FTP access
    - FREE Security maintenance
    - Works with ModernBill Unlimited licenses
    - Only 16.11 / Month

    [ Sign Up Now ]

    If you purchase the ModernBill Hosted Solution from MBLicenses.COM, you will be able to purchase the 50 client license for $9.95, and the Unlimited license for $18.95. It is not required for you to be a license holder to purchase a hosted solution from MBLicenses.COM.

    Other Information

    Additional software upgrades are available upon request via HelpDesk and are completed within 1-2 days if all information has been presented. You may purchase a standard upgrade for $9.95 or purchase a monthly upgrade subscription for only $5.99 per month. The subscription will entitle you to a month's worth of unlimited upgrades to a stable release on one installation. Payments must be made in 3 month increments. Please email [email protected] to order an upgrade subscription.

    For more information on any of our products, please visit our website: - or - email us at [email protected]

    We accept payments using PayPal, Master Card, Visa and Discover.
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