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    im sure its not suppose to be of such - but alot of your features and layout resemble Support Trio. Not much creative freedom.

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    May I know which features and layout resmble supporttrio othen then basic helpdesk features . Please do let me know . I look forward to positive criticism Visitors are free to checkout demos of admin ares for both helpdesks

    DeskLance :

    SupportTrio :
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    Still copying from us.....

    Original Source:

    Copied Source:

    There are a good 4 or 5 javascript functions copied exactly...

    Develop original work and concepts. You copied our text (upon being called out you removed it), you copied our feature tour (exact copies of our feature descriptions), you copied our javascript. Might want to get moving on fixing these things before we proceed.
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    i signed up for a free trial to test this out and went to generate the license key and it sent me a email that says "Your License file is Attached with the mail " but there is nothing attached. iHost v3 in beta Host Automation - iPanel v4 beta With Forced Ads in User Sites, illegal file scanner, and new post 4 hosting feature
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    hmmmm, i have to admit I've used both pieces of software and found Desklance a lot better.

    1st- On logging into supporttrio admin you are plunged into the ticket area whereas desklance brings up a centeral clean page where you can navigate to which ever section you wish- it brings up a small calender, various stats, other staff online etc. Navigation on Desklance is very simple,

    2nd- With supporttrio once a ticket gets a few replys on it, you don't know where to look, there on so many functions just to look/reply to a ticket. Some of the functions are good but, it take you 5 minutes to go thru everything (whether you want to quote the client, add to 'todo list' etc.

    3rd- customizing Supporttrio is very limited, i could hardly do anything with it where as desklance looks completely different to the default.

    4th- Desklance is less than half the price for an unlimited monthly license.

    5th- I had to pay someone to sort out the cron jobs for supporttrio from what I gathered looking at there site many people have problems with them and they didn't when i was using supporttrio offer ANY support for sorting cronjobs.

    6th- If you ask desklance for support, they just get it done, no asking questions, the couple of times I've had problems (installation issues) i sent them my username and password and they got it sorted, including cronjobs, no extra charges!

    7th- Desklance has a great chat system, supporttrio hasn't! many chat systems cost more than the Desklance software put together.

    These are my experiences with the two companies, and in my opinion Desklance is far better- half the price, double the features, easier navigation.

    Activecampaign seem to be getting rather Hostile but Desklance obviously have the ability to develop because they have modules Supporttrio don't and naturally software with more functionality at half the price is going to popular.

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