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    Looking for a system to allow logins and mini web sites... sort of

    Hmm, my account is gone. Do things get deleted if I don't uise it for a while?

    Anyway, here goes.

    I am a member of Ally Cat Allies (www dot alleycat dot org) and take care of 5-6 stray cats that live in my backyard. I've been unable to find a site where I can register my cats and have others regsiter theirs and make a little mini website about them.

    I know I can have my own website just about my guys but that's not what I want.

    What I'm envisioning is having a website that would have some general informaion but then allow visitors to create an account if they also take care of stray/feral cats. Then they could input some information on a profile page (name, location, etc). Then they could also create a mini site about their cats. This would only have a few pages like Summary, Blog, photo gallery (size limited), etc.

    Are there any pre-created templates type things that could do that that anyone can recommend?

    I have no budget for this since it's just something I want to do so the less expensive the better (or if someone wants to donate something since it's for a good cause, that'd be even better).

    But I'm not even where to start to look for something like this.

    System requirements don't matter because I want to get the software part figured out first and then I'll find a host that can support it once I find something that will work.

    Any help, ideas, link, other info, etc would be great.


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    Anyone at all?

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    Check out

    Hope that help you out a bit.

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