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    What exactly are you after? Its hard to understand you. Are you looking for a customer management script?
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    well basicaly i have reseller server, and i sell websites, but im trying to make the main site for people to come and see the packages, and order them, and stuff like that, n have a order bill for or stuff like that, i currently use php nuke plantium software on the site, and i was just wondering if thers anythen out ther for this sort of thing

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    You can checkout they might have something that will work for you.
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    all i c is ther selling web hosting i can t find the software tough

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mstr_Vash
    all i c is ther selling web hosting i can t find the software tough
    You obviously didn't click on the link or look at the website then.

    They are not selling web hosting at all, they are selling a Hosting management system for Linux-based servers (from what I could see).


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    Try whm auto pilot , as its price is almost same as the one listed about , but the site listed above doesnt give any demo and features list unlike whm auto , so try whm auto pilot.

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    Hate to be the bad guy of the thread, but the best advice I can give you is to cancel your reseller account, do proper research and planning (including a business plan), and then get into the hosting game. I am not one to pick on spelling and what not, but when you use things like:

    see = c
    someone = some1
    please = plz
    thanks = thnx

    it gives the impression that you are younger and inexperienced with running a business. There is nothing wrong with being young, and there is nothing wrong with being inexperienced, but both facts certainly won't help you in starting an online business.

    You don't think your local coffee shop bought the building they are in, and then tried to figure out what type of register system they are going to use, how to make coffee, etc... do you? Of course not! They sat down and looked at all the costs involved with the business. They took a look at their local market and figured out where would be the best location. They looked at all the different accounting software/systems and decided which one was the best fit within their budget. Etc...

    They then sat down and made a plan on how their business was going to run over the next several years and most likely beyond. This would really be the best idea for you.

    P.S. Please get rid of the "Unlimited Bandwidth" package I could quite easily use up every ounce of bandwidth you have and be thirsty for more within a week.
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