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    * Reseller || 15GB Storage / 150GB Bandwidth [11.95/month] + FREE DOMAIN + IP

    Site -
    E-Mail - accounts [at]

    Reseller 15GB Storage 150GB Bandwidth [$11.95/month] [$119.95/year]--> ORDER NOW <--*
    Reseller 20GB Storage 200GB Bandwidth [$21.95/month] [$219.95/year]--> ORDER NOW <--*
    Reseller 30GB Storage 300GB Bandwidth [$33.95/month] [$339.95/year]--> ORDER NOW <--*


    Account Features

    Web Control Panel: cPanel (Always latest stable version)
    Hostable Accounts: UNLIMITED
    E-Mail Forwarders: UNLIMITED
    Mailing Lists: UNLIMITED
    Mail Blocking: UNLIMITED
    Sub Domains: UNLIMITED
    FTP Accounts: UNLIMITED
    Web Based E-Mail: UNLIMITED
    CGI, Perl and PHP: YES
    SSI: YES
    MySQL Databases: UNLIMITED
    PHPMyAdmin: YES
    Cron Jobs: UNLIMITED
    Web Bases Statistics: YES
    Password Protection: YES
    MX Record Changes: YES
    Anon. FTP: YES
    Shopping Cart: YES
    Custom Error Pages: YES
    FrontPage Extensions: YES

    cPanel/WHM Control Panel
    All of our accounts come with the cPanel control panel by DarkOrb Technologies. This is the #1 control panel software and totally outdoes plesk and ensim in a number of areas. This software was designed to allow you, as the controller of your website, the ability to maintain everything from email addresses to message boards with a click of the mouse.

    Lifetime Price Guarantee!
    Once you purchase an account you are guaranteed your price will never increase. As long as you keep the account open you will get the same price!

    No Setup Fees!
    We do not have setup fees on any of our hosting accounts and never will!

    No Advertising
    We will never advertise on any of your web space in any way at any time. We have a very hard spam policy and do everything we can to keep your space with us ad-free!


    What makes us different than the rest?
    Quality - All servers housed in the highest quality facilities
    Support - 24x7x365 technical support TEAM! [Email/Tickets and optional AIM/MSN support]
    Managed Servers - Proactive system administration
    Value - Unmatched price for the services we offer!



    Domain - FREE**
    Dedicated IP - FREE**

    Site -
    Forums -
    E-Mail - accounts [at]

    **Stay with block9hosting for over a month and we will register any new domain for an entire year (upon request)! We will also provide you with a free dedicated ip after your first month (upon request).

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    Hi, Your prices are very good. But one thing, I don't understand why the 30 GB price is so expensive when it's cheaper to get ( 2 ) 15 GB accounts?

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    Yes it is true that one can purcahse two of the 15/150 accounts and have the same amount of storage/bandwidth for less than the cost of the 30/300. Generally when one purchases a plan that requires more bandwith and storage (all in one package) they are going to be using more of our system resources (ea. CPU, RAM) so that is where you see the price difference. Either way though I think the prices are very attractive :-D

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    Mike, I'm wondering why the prices on this forum are so under-inflated compared to what I see on your website (under "resellers"). The prices on the site are much higher.
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    signed up!!!

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    ashworth102680 - These are simply promotional offers that we are giving to WHT members. You will find that these specials are not offered anywhere else on the internet!

    nowgoeasy - Welcome aboard! . We realize you have a choice when it comes to hosting. As such we thank you for your business!

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    great offer!

    For how long this offer will be available?

    I hope it will last for a long time, at least till next month, so my reseller account on hostgator will expire

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    This offer should be around for a nice period of time. Chances are it will be reposted a few times so keep an eye out for it!

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    Please, are you allowing Overselling ?, what about Private name severs (even shared) ?
    Last edited by m_abdelfattah; 12-22-2005 at 12:04 PM.

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    At this current point in time we do not allow overselling.

    2 Custom nameservers of you choice can be made. Private nameservers are also given if you do not wish to make custom nameservers. (ea.

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