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Thread: Sails question

  1. Sails question

    I haves a reseller that has 12 500 mb space, unmetered everyhting else(meaning what the server offers.) But i can't decide what price i should sell it at. Any suggestions?

  2. Anyone? This forum is very active. i don;t think nobody knows

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    Well, it all depends on how much you bought it for right?

    However, I do sense some crazy overselling host supplying you

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    But i can't decide what price i should sell it at. Any suggestions?
    1. If you're saying you're getting unmetered "bandwidth" with that reseller account, I'd be a bit weary about it. For one, there is a limit to how much data that server can push, second, all the resellers will try to take advantage of the basically "no limit" data transfer, and beef up their offers with huge transfer allocations. In turn, the server has good chances to get too busy, especially in the long run.

    2. Figure out your costs and come up with a rough cost/space unit. Price the packages around that (of course, not forgetting a markup). Without knowing your costs, your taget market etc, no one can tell what a good price would be.

    3. If you're actually the owner of a server and trying to market a reseller package with the specs that you've described, see #1.

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    well yes you need keep some cap over bandwidth maybe make at like huge bandwidht plan with someting above that to be charged . normally unlimited plans should sell for 139 $

  6. WoW. And i was thinking for $15 :O . I will put a bandwith limit on it. LIke 200 gigs. Anyone want to buy that?

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    This is just my opinion, but it sounds like maybe you should do a little more research in the hosting industry before you take this public and start taking on customers.

    The thing that worries me is if you are having problems just setting prices what is your level of knowledge for all the other aspects or running a web hosting company. Running a decent hosting company takes alot of research, time and effort, knowledge of the industry, and many other factors not mentioned.

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