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    I have had the domain for quite a while now but have never had chance to open the site has I have been running other sites in the past.

    However I am looking for someone to webmaster the site. Whoever ends up being the webmaster would be in full control of the site. They would be in charge of everything, getting a design, hiring/firing staff, promoting etc. They would even get 50% of the profits made from the site.

    So basically it would be like having your own site apart from I would just own the domain name. I have also got hosting for the site so you can get it up and running whenever you like.

    If you are interested in this then you can email me at [email protected] or instant message me on AIM, my aim name is RWJonCooper


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    100% of the work and 50% of the pay, sounds like my day job
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    75% of the profits and I'll do it.
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