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    Cheryls Gone Feral

    Jim Haynes

    Watching 60 minutes one night
    As soon as it was over we got into a fight
    Because Cheryl said alternative was the way to go
    And the very next day she bought a sarong
    A sheepskin jacket and a brand new bong
    And before I knew it we hit the road

    Since Cheryl went feral
    Everything's weird
    And all our friends have disappeared
    She shaved her head and I've grown a beard
    Since Cheryl went feral

    It took us ages to hitch our way
    From Pennant Hills up to Byron Bay
    If We left those kids at home we'd have been alright
    Well living off the land is all very well
    But the mungbean diet was giving me hell
    And I had to put that wigwam up each night

    Since Cheryl went feral
    Everything's crook
    And all our food is now uncooked
    I'd kill for a burger or a piece of chook
    Since Cheryl went feral

    Our little girl was called Narelle
    And we had a little boy amed Bruce as well
    But now she's Crystal Flower and he's Leaf
    But Leaf's pretty happy since we left home
    Because he hasn't seen a bath or a shower or a comb
    And it's been three months since he brushed his teeth

    Since Cheryl went feral
    Everything's changed
    And I'm quite sure I've become deranged
    And I can't remember anyone's name
    Since Cheryl went feral

    Cheryl took a vow of celibacy
    She said she needed no input from me
    She got her navel pierced and stared at it all day long
    So I read the tarot with Leaf and Flower
    And dreamed about a nice cold shower
    While I waited for my turn on the bong

    Since Cheryl went feral
    Everything's pierced
    Rings through me nose and rings through me ears
    I haven't been this pierced for years
    Since Cheryl went feral

    I began to change me tune
    As soon as we joined that big commune
    And everyone took their clothes off straight away
    Their cosmic philosophy appealed to me
    It's multiple serial polygamy
    And I think the feral lifestyle's here to stay

    Since Cheryl went feral
    There's a real traffic jam
    Of naked women in our wigwam
    And I'm pretty happy right where I am
    Since Cheryl went feral

    Need help? just ask The Doctor
    House calls a specialty
    If ignorance is bliss, why aren't more people happy ?

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    So, Warren Zevon really didn't die? He's a folk singer in Australia going by the name Jim Haynes now?

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