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    Specific hosting needs - recommendations please


    I am finalizing several projects and need to come up with hosting solution for all that. Requirements are:

    - I will have 7 separate large PHP sites.

    - Each will need SSL.

    - Few thousand visitors per day max. Several of those sites will have lots of documents for download so per site we could be looking at up to 20 GB download per day (it will probably be much less).

    - Server(s) need to be fully managed. I will need somebody to configure it for performance and security before going to production and then to monitor it 24/7 and respond to problems instantly. However, I also want to have full access, SSH root access, DNS access etc. in order to setup domains, deploy scripts, configure web sites, emails; monitor logs etc.

    - Different developers work on different sites, so I will need FTP, shell, PHPMyAdmin access configured in the way that each developer sees only what he is responsible for.

    - Daily backup for those 7 sites is needed.

    - In addition to that I will have about 70 smaller web sites. For various reasons I would like to spread those 70 sites over at least 20 IPs. Traffic on those will be very small. SSL not needed.

    - On all sites I will need PHP, MySQL, Perl, PHPMyAdmin and some server admin software (webmin?).

    I'm lost at what's the best way to setup all this. Addon domains, reseller, VPS, dedicated...?

    Any recommendations?

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    Since your transfer requirements are so large you probably want to think about getting multiple dedicated servers or an unmetered server. Colocation would also be an option. You can hire a third party management company to maintain the server/s.

    As for control panel if you have no desire to resell hosting webmin would work out well enough. Directadmin might also be a workable solution for you in terms of saving some money.

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    Pixelized, thanks for the recommendation. Yes, ideally it would be a dedicated server per site, but I'm trying to come up with a plan which is a bit more cost effective.

    How complicated would be to start with one setup and as each site reaches those traffic requirements move each to a dedicated server? How long would it take to move a site from one server to another?

    BTW, just to make it clear - downloads are all completely legal - those are business documents, spreadsheets, project plans and other boring stuff like that. Non of those is adult site either.

    Bear, thanks for editing.

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    check for dedicated server(s), they are flexible about IPs matters

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    Quote Originally Posted by farofaro
    How complicated would be to start with one setup and as each site reaches those traffic requirements move each to a dedicated server? How long would it take to move a site from one server to another?
    The main problem with moving sites is DNS change propogation (whcih can take up to 48 hours) when the IP address for a domain name changes, though there are ways to iminmise this problem (essentially keeping the two locations in sync during the change, either by going "readonly" for the two days or by making sure changes are applied to both locations simultaniously, and collecting mail from both servers for a while).

    If your servers are all from the same provider and in the same datacentre then they may (I'm no expert on the routing arrangements within a data-centre but I don't see why it shouldn't be possible) be able to simply "move" the address that site used to a new machine for you - then there would be no need for DNS changes. Just move the site to the new machine and have the IP address reassigned.

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    farofaro, I can recommend a very good hosting company that will set you up on a dedicated server, fully managed for you, with 20 IP addresses and a 20mbps connection to the internet for about $600/mo. They run linux plus cpanel so that it will be easy for you to do your work as well. If this is in your price range please let me know & I will send you the info.

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    Consider offloading the MySQL daemon onto one or two servers. That might go a long way toward making it easier to switch, since the data can be accessible from separate servers at once without mangling anything.

    You might want to look for hosts that will provide you with a dedicated server with virtualization built in to it. I'm personally not a fan but Virtuozzo might work. Some might be able to provide Xen with it's management tools also. This would allow you to maximize the use of RAM/cpu but may take a little bit to learn the management.

    Which brings up another point. Since you have some semi-specific needs, be sure that whoever you choose to administer your servers is well-versed with the specific settings you need so they aren't calling you for advice at 3am

    Good luck.
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    You should just go for a dedicated server off the bat. Then upgrade from there. - High Bandwidth Specialists - 100TB/1Gbps/10Gbps Unmetered/CDN/DDOS Protected
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    Thanks for all your suggestions.

    Is there anybody who can provide dedicated server on which I would run few VPSs for myself?

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