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    registerfly 'fun', disappearing dns

    Just thought I'd share my own little tale of Registerfly Brand Enjoyment.

    I've slowly been moving my domain names to NameCheap.Com, since I'm not made of gold I have to move one at a time over. A while back, I added $30 using PayPal. There's a bit of story to the paypal thing, but at the moment its not the place for it.

    I had already used up most of the $30 paying for renewals and whatnot, but I had a fiver kicking around in there, that was more or less useless. I was pretty sure I wasn't going to get a $5 odd dollar refund from registerfly, so I just registered a dot info (2 years at $1.99 per year) from them and sat on the balance. I could suffer a dollar or so loss.

    I've had the domain name for around five days. It's just a hobby site, nothing major, nearly zero traffic. A true domain name toy.

    And then, just today, I noticed that it was gone. I checked my server, and everything was cool. I did a trace on the domain name, and then I realized that the domain name was literally a dead duck -- no nameservers listed.

    I went to my control panel, and saw that all my name server information had been wiped clean from that domain name. It had happened once before to me, a year ago, except at the time it was all my domain names, so I wasn't too shocked. I reset the info and the domain name propagated and worked for a time.

    It worked for a couple hours, and vanished again. I went to Registerfly again, the dns info was gone again. I attempted to reset it, again... and got this error:

    ERROR:Domain name not found
    Your DNS Changes could not be completed for ********.info

    I've submitted a support ticket and I'm awaiting a reply.

    Another thing I've been noticing, what with my migration to namecheap, is that all the domain names which I've transfered over are still listed in registerfly's database.

    Just a charming tale of woe. I'm quite glad I'm moving my domain names over....

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    Another 'little' thingie to love RegFly for...

    I think (I am NOT sure, however) it happened because you've registered .info for more than 1 year, using their special price. You see, .info promotion is for the first year ONLY and you can't have multiple years for 1.99 each. Happened with me before - they just deleted the whole domain from my account (have refunded the money in full, however) AND somehow UNregistered it (I still can't understand HOW). I just went and registered the name at DirectI, for 1.11

    Anyway, good luck in dealings with RF - you gonna need it!
    Respect My Authoritah! - Eric Cartman (a friend of mine).

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    Yup, that turned out to be exactly the case.

    Refunding the money, unregistering the domain name, and not telling me... is a rather inelegant solution to their problem. But oh well, I'm glad it happened to my domain name toy, and not something more important.

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    all free .info's got deleted on the same day of expiration, not sure if that was you case though (the ones registered last year with the promotion
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