Hello WHTers.

I am currently selling banner space for my site www.dragonquest8.org
The game was released on November 15th and my site traffic has boosted ever since. I am expecting an increase during Xmas time as well seeing how many people will receive this game as a gift.

Since the site is quite new, no google page rank or alexa rating. But I do have the stats to prove that the site is getting a large traffic. Forum members increasing 50 members+/day.

http://www.dragonquest8.org/stats.gif for stats in November.

Here are my prices:

468x60 (6 spots) - $50/month
125x125 (2 spots) - $150/month

468x60 will be displayed on every single page on the site.
125x125 will be place on non-forum pages under affiliates section. (Above the yahoo publisher ads).

I am accepting payments via paypal only. Payment will be sent to webmaster [at] dragonquest8.org

Please send me your site url and banner url to webmaster [at] dragonquest8.org as well.