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    What server do you recommend?


    Im currently running a text-based game in development if im allowed to advertise it here. We are growing and have been in development for about 4 months now. We usualy get 10 users online at once and have 250 registered this is from word-of-mouth, once we move into BETA and advertise we will need a server capable of holding 100 users minimum at once, online. We basically need 1TB of Bandwidth or anything around 500GB.

    The reason im posting here is I don't know what kind of RAM or processor I would need to hold 100 users online with a mysql database and php driven game with cron job scripts running a few priority features for the game.

    If anyone could help me out here, I would be greatful we are currently on a shared plan and are doing great and used 3GB bandwidth in the past month alone with 10 users online. (During peak hours and weekends) Also as I said we are looking to buy a server soon once we get into BETA start to advertise and grow.

    Thanks to anyone who can offer me some help as this is the first time I will be purchasing a dedicated server.

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    I would go with at least a p4 2.8ghz with a gig of ram but since this seems like it will be a fast growing community you might want to spend the extra cash for a dual xeon so at least you will have the cpu power. You can always upgrade the ram as needed so I'm thinking more cpu will be better off to start with.
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