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    P4 2.8ghz HT 1gb Ram Question

    I have a question about my webserver. I have a p4 2.8ghz from LT...I think it has HT because on the whm page, it says i have two cpus....which means it has HT right? So the server reads it as 2 cpus.

    So my question is, how much can a server like this take. I have 4 websites which combines to around 8-12k visitors per day. 1 site allows hotlinking, and another site has a very popular topsites listing and also a small-medium forum but is growing pretty fast.

    The sites that allows hotlinking sends out files that are 5kb-100kb. My traffic ranges from 700kbs to 4mbs.

    I paid pretty cheap for this server, only 65bucks per month minus cpanel from layertech. Should this server be able to handle my websites? Or no? I paid some server admins to tune up my server, and I installed zend optimizer, eacceleartor, and mmcache on it.

    and btw this is like my first server and read tons of tutorials, and stuff and getting a little bit better at managing it.
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    will handle your needs with no problems

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    are you sure about that, because that's the server i'm on right now and it doesn't seem to be doing too good. check out this website

    and tell me how long it takes it to load. Also it's an html file and not php. I'm on a 300kbs line from my isp, and it takes longer than 30 seconds to download the images...which is pretty sad to me.

    is something wrong with the server if it takes that long? did I configure something wrong? I know it's not the download speed, because when I test a 8mb file I get the full speed, but when executing webpages, it takes longer than satisfactory. And I can't seem to figure out the problem.

    that's not even that strange to me...strange to me is when I disabled all my websites and put them on suspension and it takes 10-20 seconds to load the suspension page which is only 2kb in size.

    any ideas? maybe harddrive, more optimization, apache problem? maybe I should do an os reinstall and start over?

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    I am on a 8meg download cable modem and it takes well over 30 seconds to load. How much ram does the server have? If you only have 512MB of ram I would at least upgrade to 1GB of ram that would help alot. Also you might want to hire someone to optimize your server.

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    I have 1 gb of ram...damn 30 seconds that suck so bad...I hired peeps from these, fastservermanagement,

    could it be hardware that's causing it? my server load is like only .12-1 average. sometimes it's gets crazy and spikes to like 5...once it was 40. But the average is .12-1.

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    Are you sure your server is not under a DDOS attack? Is it allways this slow?

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    ping and traceroute the server. It seems like a network problem.
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    Nope, I'm not being dos, I just check. Currently doing 800kbit/s on a 10Mbps. I don't even know how to do traceroute or server...but I used Here's the ping result

    Pinging []:

    Ping #1: Got reply from in 36ms [TTL=53]
    Ping #2: Got reply from in 36ms [TTL=53]
    Ping #3: Got reply from in 47ms [TTL=53]
    Ping #4: Got reply from in 36ms [TTL=53]

    Done pinging!
    And to check the traceroute result, go to the url below on as well...

    I have no idea what that stuff means...if it's good on bad. It hasn't always been this slow, but since last week or so...after a reboot it has been like that.

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    Checking my error logs I found this...

    child pid 14355 exit signal File size limit exceeded (25)
    Could this cause the crazy slow downs?

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    this maybe the problem:


    We see this problem when we have links to outside sources and they are having problems serving content it drags our pages.

    Remove the links and see what happens, I don't think its the server or the network, the pings and traces are pretty fast.

    HTML looks good:

    Download Times
    Connection Rate Download Time
    14.4K 98.34 seconds
    28.8K 49.27 seconds
    33.6K 42.26 seconds
    56K 25.44 seconds
    ISDN 128K 7.93 seconds
    T1 1.44Mbps 0.87 seconds

    Good luck
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    Should this server be able to handle my websites? Or no?
    Should be fine. The server load should be fine, if it is, then your doing fine. I have 2 Xeon 2.8GHz with over 230 Users on it (combined) and its working fine. The server load is usualy under 2. - Performance should be noticeable - VPS Hosting at its best. - Affordable & Reliable Shared & Master Reseller hosting services

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    child pid 14355 exit signal File size limit exceeded (25)

    one of your log files is over 2gb..

    If it was my server it would use: kernel
    install lighttpd to server pages
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    thanks steave,

    I have one more question. I read this thread and decided to delete the error_logs, as well as a few otheres, and now they are not coming back.

    How would you get the error logs back? I don't want the whole thing back, just for it to start recording errors and all the other stuff.

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